About Mia Malkova

26-year old Mia Malkova is an adult star from Palm Springs, California. She was born on July 1st, 1992. She is 5'7" tall and weighs 130 pounds. Her measurements are: 34C-26-38. Mia Malkova is also known as: Madison Swan, Madison Clover, Mia Bliss, Jessica.

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20 thoughts on “About Mia Malkova

  1. tom

    Hi Mia,

    My name’s Tom and I’m a new fan of yours and I was wondering if you like to get to know your fans on a personal level? Because I would love to fuck you baby! You are fuckin gorgeous and I would love to do some scenes with you…


    p.s. I hope we can fuck soon baby…

  2. Danl

    I enjoy this site, obviously because I enjoy and admire Mia, and would like to keep up with all her current doings, i.e. her progress as a very top shelf porn star (the very best to emerge in a long time), adult model, and a super beautiful person with one of the best personalities ever. I make it a point to join every site that SHE is featured in, and want to wish her the very best in all her pursuits. She deserves nothing but the very best for all her efforts. May she be happy, well, and safe forever….

  3. ilovemiamalkova

    i love you so mutch from the first time i ever saw you i really thought i want to fuck you and please let me i give you everything for 1 thing : to let me fuck you

    i love you mia!

  4. RJ

    I just wanted to tell you I’m a huge fan of both you and your work. You’re an absolutely beautiful women and I would love to meet you if I could ever get the opportunity.

  5. Tyler

    I am a huge fan, mia is so beautiful she is just perfect in every way and i was wanting to know if she can give me an autograph to her biggest fan,
    Love Tyler your number one fan

  6. Alex

    You have the most beautiful smile I saw in a porn star, ever… Keep smiling while fucking, you are really the best.

  7. Jordan

    were you on TheFineBros Channel on Youtube for Teens React? There is Madison on there and you look exactly alike.

  8. Michael T.

    Mia has a delightful looking set of tits and her mouth looks simply sensational!! How splendid it would be to have them both..

  9. Kan

    I am your biggest fan, if i saw first time, i was confused, about after first minute i checked my favorite flavor and then i falled in love. After this moment when i looking vids, then only mia’s vids and no another one more.
    In this world so long as we live, i hope to see you in real or meeting you anywhere to feel happines when you give me a handshake with your smilie and ask or answer with how are u …. Fine
    I wish u my best wishes for the future. Kiss kiss

  10. Robert


    I have an important questions for U,

    How can make your butt to this bubble butt form? Because I have never seen similar this before.
    If U tell the secret I’ll supprise U soon.

    See you,

  11. Majid

    I wish that i would be a porn star in my future life but o don’t know the way to proceed… well i also wish i can fuck mia ❤️ I really want to fuck her

  12. Kyle

    Truthfully, I think Mia is the most attractive female pornstar I’ve ever seen, and I would love to just spend a day to get to know her and see what happens from there on out.
    I’d love to just get lost in your eyes and pretty smile(:
    23/M/ Wisconsin (;


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